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Singing Jack-O-Lanterns

If you've decorated for Halloween for many years, you likely have numerous plastic pumpkins around.

Our products make it easy to re-purpose those single-light jack-o-lanterns into something special. Using our standard controllers and pre-programmed light shows that are synchronized to Halloween music, you can build a singing chorus of animated jack-o-lanterns in no time.

The typical plastic pumpkins from the big box and other stores are illuminated with a single white or clear C7 bulb. Simply dedicate a pumpkin per lighting channel on our controllers and you should be on your way to an easy and unique Halloween display.

We have numerous Halloween songs already programmed and can place them on a SD card for your controller. Ask us about these tunes and more!

This is Halloween Grim Grinning Ghosts
Spooky Scary Skeletons Yo Ho (Pirate's Life for Me)
Monster Mash Time Warp
Forsaken Banana Boat Song (Day O)
Graveyard Rock
Singing Jack-O-Lanterns

Singing Jack-O-Lanterns
Vittetoe Halloween Display

Purchasing Options
Singing Jack-O-Lanterns
SD Card (no controller included) with the songs listed above animated to eight channels for your Jack-o-Lanterns. (Part No. SPP) $159.95 each

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