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Animated Lighting products can be used to build exciting Halloween displays as demonstrated in these displays built by our creative customers.

Mireille's Display

Mireille and her family purchased the Haunted House In a Box package with both the Pumpkin Faces as well as the RGB strings. She put the RGB strings on arches for a novel Halloween touch. We like her display and hope you do, too. Thanks Mireille!

Michael L & Danny G - Queens, NY

This display in Queens, New York employs a wide variety of our JUST ADD POWER products. In addition to our Singing Pumpkin Faces, Michael and Danny are using our RGB String products, RGB Orbs and Tubes.

Garden Factory

This display features a large Singing Pumpkin synchronized to "Ghostbusters" and other songs.

'Thriller' by Joel Miller

Here is a Halloween light show from Joel Miller, synced to Michael Jackson's 'Thriller', with a video montage added. We really enjoy his display and hope you do too!

Singing Jack-O-Lanterns

Featuring eight magical pumpkins in a well scripted (and very scary) Halloween display, Brian and his daughter coached the golden gourds to sing right along with the music. A real traffic stopper and an easy application with Animated Lighting technology.

Farlow Halloween Display

This creative Halloween display incorporates not only Animated Lighting standard light controllers but also our Digital Input/Output controllers to control the movements of most of the figures you will see in the display. In addition you will see a great use of our Singing Pumpkins programming for "This Is Halloween". This is a six minute video showing just an overview of this exciting 35 minute show.

Singing Pumpkin Faces

As you can see in the video, these faces will sing on an individual basis to a number of our pre-programmed lighting shows. This is a unique and fun way to entertain visitors with your Halloween display. See more about this product in our Just Add Power section.

Mark's Haunted House

Mark G. approached Animated Lighting about doing a custom Halloween display. He wanted to use both incandescent flood lights uplighting his tombstones as well as his house. Mark also wanted to use the latest in DMX lighting fixtures (LED based) above the entrance to his home. One of the shows that we programmed for Mark is shown in this video. The "Dancing Tombstones" were a huge hit in his display.

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