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Animated Holiday Trees

Your animated Christmas lighting display will be taken to a new level of WOW with either our Animated Holiday Trees or our Wire Frame Trees.

These totally unique plug-and-play product families include either the 2D Animated Wire Frame Trees or the 3D Animated Holiday Trees and a customized Christmas in a Box with music synchronization.

Both styles of trees are illuminated with red, green, and blue (or white instead of blue) LED light strings and available in three standard heights: 6-foot-tall plus star topper, 8-foot-tall plus star topper, and 10-foot-tall plus star topper. These animated Christmas lighting products cannot be found in stores so this will be a unique part of your display.

Animated Holiday Trees


Pre-Programmed music and lighting effects from Christmas in a Box

To simplify your Animated Holiday Trees installation, we have customized our Christmas in a Box product to deliver a light show that incorporates three colors for the lights on the trees and for additional other lighting channels that cover the stars on the trees and other lighting you may wish to connect as part of your display. In addition, our Christmas in a Box includes a light show that is already synchronized with up to 150 holiday songs!

Optional Animated Lighting FM transmitter: You can output the music from the Christmas In A Box to speakers or use our FM Transmitter to broadcast the tunes to car radios as they drive by!

Connect lawn figurines and other fixtures: The Christmas in a Box has open "channels" for connecting stars, deer, Santas, snowmen, and other lawn-oriented lights. Just plug them in and they will automatically be in synch with your music!

Easily expandable: A single Christmas in a Box controller covers 16 lighting channels. If you need more, no problem! Christmas in a Box Expansion Controllers easily connect to your main controller to handle a virtually unlimited number of trees, fixtures, and other lighting.

Customized Trees Also Available: If our standard sizes won't fit the requirements at your home or business, please let us know. We can provide a quote on an Animated Tree of virtually any size. All trees have a standard 3-year warranty, including the LED light strings! Contact us for availability and ship times.

2D Wire Frame Trees (Standard Lighting)

See three of our 2D Wire Frame Animated Trees using separate strands of red, white, blue, and green lights synchronized to a medley of holiday songs.

3D Holiday Trees (Standard Lighting)

See three of our 3D Animated Holiday Trees using separate strands of red, white, blue, and green lights in a display with other lighting and synchronized music.

3D Holiday Tree (RGB Lighting)

This tree uses Pixel360 strands from our RGB product line to deliver enhanced effects at this shopping center.

Purchasing Options
Animated Holiday Trees — Full Packages
Includes three trees with lighting plus Christmas in a Box controller.
Animated Holiday Trees, 3D version Three Animated Holiday Trees
(3D version)
Animated Holiday Trees, 2D version Three Animated Wire Frame Trees
(2D version)
Animated Holiday Trees — Individual
Buy by the tree. No Christmas in a Box controller included.
Animated Holiday Trees, 2D or 3D version 6-foot-tall, Animated Holiday Tree
(3D version)
6-foot-tall, Animated Wire Frame Tree
(2D version)
Animated Holiday Trees, 2D or 3D version 8-foot-tall, Animated Holiday Tree
(3D version)
8-foot-tall, Animated Wire Frame Tree
(2D version)
Animated Holiday Trees, 2D or 3D version 10-foot-tall, Animated Holiday Tree
(3D version)
10-foot-tall, Animated Wire Frame Tree
(2D version)
Animated Holiday Trees, 2D or 3D version 12-foot-tall, Animated Holiday Tree
(3D version)
12-foot-tall, Animated Wire Frame Tree
(2D version)
* Prices do not include shipping costs. All sizes include star topper. Half or full trees also available.
Christmas in a Box — Customized for Animated Holiday Trees
Christmas in a Box $499.95
(Part No. TCK)
Christmas in a Box with music synchronization $799.95
(Part No. TCK-M)
* Order songs separately
Christmas in a Box expansion controller $399.95
(Part No. TCK-EXP)
Other Accessories
Wireless Outdoor Speaker
Wireless Outdoor Speaker
(Part No. AW825)
Withstands wet conditions encountered outdoors. Frequency response: 15Hz-40kHz Convenient, sleek and portable design Sends high quality wireless audio signals up to 150' through walls, floors, and ceilings. High performance, expandable, and 2-way acoustic design 2" tweeter, 3" woofer with 5 watt RMS Includes transmitter, Two AC power adapters and mini jack to stereo lead adapter. The unit has easy access controls and is the perfect companion to your Animated Lighting product.
FM Transmitter
FM Transmitter
(Part No. AFMXTR)
Broadcast music from your display directly to car radios on an FM station.
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