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We get a lot of phone calls and emails that include the following sentiments:

"We have trees that we want to animate but hanging standard LED lights on them looks tacky and boring. Do you have anything that looks classy during the day and intriguing at night?"

"We have a courtyard where we would like to change out our clear incandescent bulbs with something more fun. These bulbs are soooo old and stale. There has got to be some lights we can hang out there that can change any color and give us a fresh look. Do you have something for this situation?"

"We have buildings in our downtown 'Square' and we want to spruce up this area. I wonder if we can find lights that can be used to line the top of the buildings. We want lights that could change based on the special event in question — Halloween, Christmas, Valentine's Day, Patriotic Holidays, etc. Can you provide lights like this?"

Well, with our Orbs product, the answers to all of the above questions is YES!

Orbs at the Vanity Fair Oscars Post Party (2014)
Orbs at the Vanity Fair Oscars Post Party (2014)


The Animated RGB Orb is a 4-inch (100 mm) diameter product that has a Red, Green and Blue LED inside each fixture. Each Orb can be controlled on an individual basis and can be any color of the rainbow. There is a 36" cord on each Orb so there is a lot of flexibility in how (and where) the Orbs are placed. The Orbs are outdoor-rated so they can be used year-round.

Orb Packages: Qty. 6 Orbs are sold in a "package". Included in this package are not only the 6 Orbs but also a Distribution Cable. The 6 Orbs connect to the Distribution Cable. The Distribution Cable connects to our Animation Controller or another DMX Controller of your choice.

Orbs as Ghosts

Orbs as Ghosts for Halloween: We have taken two Orbs and covered them with sheer cloth to make these color-changing ghosts for Halloween. Interested in this application for Orbs? Contact us for details.

Lighting Shows: You can purchase the Orbs with an Animation Controller that will allow for lighting effects with no synchronization of effects to music. You can also purchase an Animation Controller that will synchronize the lighting effects to music. The "standard" Animation Controller that provides a wide variety of lighting effects (no music) will support up to Qty. 42 Orbs. We can provide a "standard" Animation Controller that will support more than Qty. 42 Orbs. In addition we offer a "music" Animation Controller that offers not only lighting effects but will synchronize the Orbs' lighting effects to music.

Data Sheet: Download as PDF.

Orbs • Kansas City, MO

Animated Lighting brought some otherwise unremarkable trees to life in downtown Kansas City, MO, with dozens of Orbs that were programmed with a color-changing show.

Orbs • Lee's Summit, MO

For the 2013 Christmas season, this tree in the front lawn of an Animated Lighting customer featured Orbs as well as a RGB Tree Top Star synchronized to several holiday and pop tunes.

Orbs at the Oscars

Here is some footage of the Orbs and their appearance at the Vanity Fair Oscars after party.

Orbs on a Patio

Our Orbs product can be used anywhere to set a mood whether fast and exciting or slow and relaxing as in this installation on a backyard patio.

Purchasing Options
Orbs (Complete Package)
Includes six (6) Orbs, "standard" animation controller, distribution cable, and programmed lighting sequence.
Includes six (6) Orbs and distribution cable only.
Orbs as Ghosts
Pricing does not include shipping and handling charges.
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