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RGB Baton

An excellent product for signage and architectural (year-round) applications!

We have many products in our RGB Pixel family. All of the products in our family are designed for outdoor-rated applications but for some architectural and signage applications, a tight and precise installation is desired. For these (and other) applications we hope you consider our RGB Baton product.

Each Baton (one meter in length) has 16 RGB LED Pixels that deliver exceptional wide angle viewing. Utilizing a thin lightweight aluminum extrusion combined with a unique mounting clip, the Baton provides an excellent visual look. Each Baton is internally sealed and has waterproofed integrated circuits for both power and control. The housings are typically black with back wire and black connectors and are engineered for permanent outdoor projects.

Custom lengths, LED spacing and fixture color options create a truly powerful fixture ready to meet the needs of your next project. Here are some of the applications that we feel you might consider the use of our Baton product:

  • Light Shows
  • Signage
  • Trade Shows
  • Retail Interiors
  • Concerts and Events
  • Decorative Elements
  • Architectural Accents
  • High Brightness Video Installations
Baton Data Sheet

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