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Shopping Centers

Shopping centers can increase traffic to their venues with exciting lighting displays during the holidays or any time of year.

Jefferson Pointe • Ft. Wayne, IN

Animated Lighting provided RGB pixel strings, controllers, custom programming, and on-site support for this project. There are more than 5,000 lighting channels in this dramatic and exciting display. This video shows how the lighting effects can be synchronized to music.

The Shoppes at Grand Prairie, IL

A shopping center in northern Illinois saw the video of the Jefferson Pointe tree and the RGB lighting on it. They owned a 32' tree and wanted it to be as dazzling as that tree, so we provided the lighting, controllers, programming and on-site support for this project. As you can see it is quite an impressive display. Animated Lighting can provide this same support to your company.

Tioga Downs - Christmas Light and Music Show

A beautiful Christmas display of synchronized lighting and music at the Tioga Downs Racetrack & Casino in Tioga, NY.

Tioga Downs - Party Light and Music Show

This is the same lighting setup as the Tioga Downs Christmas show, which works just as well for this event (and others).

Newport on the Levee • Newport, KY

This shopping center added new life to its holiday shopping season by revamping its Christmas tree and adding many new decorations synchronized to music.

Northfield Stapleton • Denver, CO

This display covered several city blocks with different lighting venues and themes. This video shows the main area of two buildings and the lighting displays on and in front of these buildings. This display is controlled wirelessly.

Festival City Mall • Dubai, UAE

Animated Lighting’s technology and products are used throughout the world as are Christmas decorations. This short video shows a 70-foot-tall (equivalent to a five story building) Christmas tree as well as a "ride through" tree in a shopping mall in Dubai that use our products.

Willow Brook Mall • Wayne, NJ

Requirements for this lighting display included an installation that looked appealing during the day and evening. Animated Lighting was able to meet this requirements as well as deliver an attractive display that is synchronized to music.

Black Bear Tree • Pigeon Forge, TN

This radiant 48 foot tree display at the Smoky Mountain Opry in Pigeon Forge, TN, uses more than 3,000 lighting channels. This installation uses Vivid RGB Pixel 360 LED strings with Animated Lighting controllers.

Centro San Ignacio • Caracas, Venezuela

The 38-foot-tall tree and surrounding display items were controlled and synchronized to a variety of holiday songs by Animated Lighting products.

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