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Homeowners and entire neighborhoods have used Animated Lighting products in many creative ways during the holidays and other times of the year. Here are a few examples; see the videos below for many more!

Many awards won for this lighting display!

Residential Showcase 2

Steven K. - Christmas 2022

Stephen K has a display that includes not only a standard light show on his trees but also several JUST ADD POWER products. You will see Singing Reindeer Faces, a 10' RGB tree and 2 RGB Whimsy Trees. It is magical to us how the lighting reflects off the snow.

William B. - Christmas 2022

William B. has many different RGB elements in his display. They include RGB light strings on his home, a 12' RGB tree, 12 4' RGB Mini Trees and RGB Leaping Arches. The results we think are pretty amazing.

Jersey Jeff - Christmas 2022

Jersey Jeff has added different Animated Lighting elements every year since 2019, and this year Jeff really enhanced his display. He already owned a 12' RGB tree, and now has added RGB Mini Trees and new programming for his trees. The effects are extremely impressive!

Wes M. - Christmas Display

Our customer Wes M. put together this display with his own lights and featured items, using our Monster Brain and light controller to handle the music and lighting effects. We think it turned out great!

Chris H. - Christmas

Chris H. in New Mexico has used the same controllers and RGB lighting to create a delightful Christmas display. This is a perfect example of how Animated Lighting's products can help you create a cool display for both special events!

Marco S. - Christmas in Germany

Marco S. makes fantastic use of our RGB lighting for this exceptional Christmas display.

Apple Electric Christmas Display

Sage Creek - Winnepeg, Manitoba (Video 1 of 2)

Here is a commercial for the Holiday Light Show at Snowberry Circle in Winnepeg.

Terry B. - Halloween 2021

Terry B. has been an Animated Lighting customer for years. He has both a Halloween and Christmas display using our products. Recently Terry and his family moved and he added RGB lighting for his home and garage. This really turned out well. This video shows his use of RGB lighting and controllers, 2 Singing Pumpkin Faces and standard (non-RGB) lighting, all incorporating our controllers and programming.

Sage Creek - Winnepeg, Manitoba (Video 2 of 2)

One of the six neighboring homes in Snowberry Circle -- the light displays include over 375 feet of stringed lights on each home, for a total of over 2,800 light bulbs, all synchronized to the beats and rhythms of 15 holiday classics.

Willard House • Modesto, CA

Willard S. has a dazzling and exciting lighting show at his home with Leaping Arches, Strobes, a Mega Tree, and even two 32-foot Fireworks Lights in his display. This video is a small part of his display for the Disney song "Fantasmic". If you want to watch the full video please go to Willard's website,

Evan S. - Utah

Evan S. in Utah has been a wonderful customer for years. Evan has added to his standard display now by using RGB Strings on the guttering above the first floor of his home. This is a beautiful video of his display. This was shot using a drone with a GoPro camera attached to the drone.

Rob B. - Christmas 2019

Rob B. has a RGB String Pole Tree, 8 RGB Arches and 32 standard lighting channels in his display that you can see in this video.

Carlson Home

Ron Carlson used several controllers and standard lighting for two different sets of arches and other lighted items in his holiday display.

O'Connor Residential Display

This cool residential display uses a variety of Animated Lighting products and technology (watch for notes during the video) to deliver one of the best home lighting experiences of the 2013 holiday season.

Vittetoe Christmas Display

Robert Vittitoe uses RGB lighting on his home, RGB wreaths, a Singing Reindeer Face and standard light controllers. They are all controlled by Animated Lighting controllers and our Monster Brain.

Tarvin Residence • Sacramento, CA

The Tarvin residence used RGB 360Pixel Strings and other Animated Lighting products and controls to pull off this impressive display.

Esteban - Chile

A customer in Chle had us design and ship a complete lighting display for him -- read more about it here.

Rosenberg Ranch Light Show

Jake R. of Northern California purchased the Christmas-in-a-Box package with 2 Singing Faces and he placed these 2 Faces on the railing of his front porch. This video is fun because he did not tell his family about the Singing Faces nor did he tell them about the Christmas-in-a-Box. As you can tell by the excitement from his wife she was quite pleased and amazed at how much fun the display is!

Apple Electric COVID-19 Display

Apple Electric has been an Animated Lighting customer for 15 years. Their Christmas lighting display brings a lot of joy to their community. Animated Lighting was contacted to make them an SD card that had Qty. 5 "Party Songs" to encourage their community to be strong and safe during the Coronavirus Pandemic. This has been very well received. We hope you enjoy this.

D.J. - Jingle Bells (Bass Hunter)

D.J. has an incredibly cool display of both RGB light strings and standard LED strings. This song shows how these two different lighting technologies can work well together in a show.

Jersey Jeff - Christmas Show 2019

Jeff N. has a variety of Animated Lighting products in his display: 3 RGB 3D Animated Stars, RGB Orbs plus standard light controllers for standard LED strings in his display. Jeff used his drone to film this and it adds a cool element to this video.

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