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Add to the intrigue of your display with RGB

While there are many amazing displays that can be built with standard single-color lighting strands, many of our customers have been able to deliver highly sophisticated lighting effects and an entirely unique lighting display experience with our new RGB products.

So what's the difference? Two main things:

  1. Precise Effects: RGB products are controlled at the individual LED level such that the lights on a strand operate in an independent fashion. Our standard controllers deliver effects on entire single-color light strands at the same time.
  2. Expanded Colors: RGB products can display virtually any color imaginable. Standard controllers can only deliver the colors of the lights on the strand which are typically white, red, blue, or green.
RGB vs Standard Light Strands

For existing Animated Lighting customers, your current controllers that drive standard light strands will continue to work if you add RGB products to your display. Please contact us and we can talk you through the options to upgrade your display to include RGB.

For new customers, please also contact us to discuss your ideas for your display. Many amazing effects are possible with our standard lighting controller system. However, we can evaluate your requirements and advise if RGB products are a better investment for your short- and long-term goals.

Customer Videos
Settlers Green - New Hampshire

Settlers Green Outlet Village in New Hampshire contacted Animated Lighting about providing a year-round light and music show for the gazebo in the center of their village. We provided RGB light strings as well as our RGB controllers and programming. We think it is super cool and hope you also think so!

Norm & Angie in Indiana - RGB Lighting

Norm and Angie in Indiana have been excellent customers of Animated Lighting for years. They have 4 of our Singing Pumpkin Faces for Halloween, and 4 of our Singing Reindeer Faces for Christmas. This year they added RGB lighting for the outline of their roof and the results speak for themselves when you watch the video. We think this display looks awesome!

Marco S. - Christmas in Germany

Marco S. makes fantastic use of our RGB lighting for this exceptional Christmas display.

D.J. - 'Star Wars' Christmas Light Show

D.J. added the theme to "Star Wars" to his Christmas display. Is it Christmas? Well, it sure is cool.

Tioga Downs - Christmas Light and Music Show

A beautiful Christmas display of synchronized lighting and music at the Tioga Downs Racetrack & Casino in Tioga, NY.

The Shoppes at Grand Prairie, IL

A shopping center in northern Illinois saw the video of the Jefferson Pointe tree and the RGB lighting on it. They owned a 32' tree and wanted it to be as dazzling as that tree, so we provided the lighting, controllers, programming and on-site support for this project. As you can see it is quite an impressive display. Animated Lighting can provide this same support to your company.

Paul B. - Christmas 2020

Paul B. has a display filled with many of our products. He has RGB Orbs, RGB Arches, RGB Whimsy Trees and also employs 16 standard lighting channels. You can see all of these items on display in this video.

Incredible Pizza

A lighting display using some of our RGB products, under construction at Incredible Pizza.

Jefferson Pointe - Ft. Wayne, IN

Check out our RGB technology synchronized to music on this large Christmas tree and surrounding areas at Jefferson Pointe shopping center in Ft. Wayne, Indiana.

RGB Products

These are just some of the products available with RGB lighting from Animated Lighting and in conjunction with our partners at VividRGB. If you have an idea for an RGB display or would like to know if a Just Add Power product is available in RGB, please contact us.

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