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DMX Dimmer Packs & Controllers

Already have a DMX light controller or DMX light control system but don't want to pay the high prices for more dimmer packs? Looking for outdoor-rated dimmer packs at a great price? Looking for distributed dimming as a part of your lighting control? Animated Lighting has you covered.

Features and Options
  • 4 or 16 DMX channels
  • 10 amps per channel maximum
  • Models from 4 to 15 total AMP maximum load per controller. See ordering options.
  • Accepts DMX-512 protocol (input)
  • Polycarbonate/ABS enclosures
  • Grounded Edison receptacles on 16 channel versions
  • Non-grounded, inline Edison plugs on 4 channel versions
  • Easy Addressing: Each light and/or device in your display has its own light channel, 1 through 512. Typically you would set each controller's starting channel to a unique number, making sure the channels don't overlap from light controller to light controller. However, this is not a requirement with our DMX lighting controllers. If two controllers have the same channels, then those channels will do the same thing (e.g. first controller has channels 1 through 16, second controller has channels 8 through 23, etc). This feature makes it very easy to have two controllers doing the same thing without needing to control more channels.
  • Large Lighting Capacity: The Animated Lighting family of DMX light controllers can handle up to 10 amps per channel, which should be sufficient for most displays because lights will be cycling on and off or running at reduced levels (dimmed) most of the time, and up to 60 amps per controller. (See our standard lighting controllers if your display has requirements that exceed 10 amps per channel.)

Purchasing Options
DMX Lighting Controllers
4 channels. 1 amp per channel. 4 amps maximum per controller. Polycarbonate/ABS enclosure.
Part No. ELC4-LC-DMX
4 channels. 4 amps per channel. 15 amps maximum per controller. Polycarbonate/ABS enclosure.
Part No. ELC4-HC-DMX
16 channels. 10 amps per channel. 15 amps maximum per controller. Polycarbonate/ABS enclosure.
Part No. ELC-16DMX-15
Shipping and handling costs may apply.
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