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FM Radio Transmitters

You can always build a huge sound system to blare the music that is synchronized to your display's lights for all to hear. However, even the best speakers in the world have little effect when visitors to your display would rather stay in their cars because of cold and wet weather. Plus, your neighbors might not find your tunes to be too, well, neighborly for long.

To remedy these problems, we have developed the ideal solution with our FM radio transmitter. Instead of blasting your tunes out loud, this device enables you to pipe your music directly to car radios where visitors to your display can stay warm and dry. Small and simple to install, our FM radio transmitter is a great addition for any display or drive-through light park and does wonders for preserving neighborly relationships during the display season.

Features and Benefits

While there are many FM transmitters on the market, the trick for lighting displays is to find a small and affordable transmitter that is legal with the FCC. There are also plenty of do-it-yourself kits available, but what if you aren't into soldering? Our solution solves both problems by providing a complete, ready-to-go, licensed FM transmitter.

A cut above the rest, our FM transmitter features a PIC microprocessor for easy frequency programming without the need for look-up tables or complicated formulas. The transmit frequency is easily set using DIP switches with no need for tuning coils or "tweaking" to work with today's digital receivers.

Frequency drift is a thing of the past with PLL control like at commercial radio stations, making your signal rock solid all the time. What's more, our FM transmitter's stereo generator is one of the best available with excellent audio quality and amazingly good stereo separation to keep even the pickiest audiophiles happy!

Use the provided cable to interface with the line output of any CD player, tape deck, computer or mike mixer. Just plug it in and you're on the air!

  • Dimensions: 5 ins wide x 1.5 ins high x 5.25 ins deep
  • Synthesized 88 to 108 MHz for no frequency drift
  • Professional quality
  • Adjustable RF output power
  • Microprocessor controlled
  • The ideal micro-radio station
  • No annoying hums or distortions
  • Line In and Loop Out 1/8-in stereo jacks
  • Built in antenna or F style antenna output

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FM Transmitter
FM Transmitter
FM Transmitter
(Part No. AFMXTR)
Broadcast music from your display directly to car radios on an FM station.
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