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DMX Talker

The Animated Lighting DMX Converter bridges the gap between the computer controlled animation world with the thousands of available DMX-512 controlled devices used by the professionals in entertainment, theater and architecture by converting Animated Lighting protocol to DMX-512.

No longer do you need the expensive DMX control consoles and highly trained personnel to run them. By adding the Animated Lighting DMX converter to your Animated Lighting installation, DMX based devices can be fully and automatically controlled in a defined sequence, consistently and as you have it programmed. When combined with other Animated Lighting sound and light controllers, you can create a fully automated environment with repeatable results.

Features and Benefits

Our DMX converter appeals to lighting companies, signage companies, lighting designers, special event companies, and anyone else looking to control DMX based fixtures without the high costs and training required.

  • Combine Animated Lighting controllers with DMX fixtures to simplify installations and save considerable expenditures.
  • Total network length up to 4,000 feet and longer with repeaters. When combining the Animated Lighting topology with our DMX converter, there are no more DMX distance limitations.
  • Works with Wireless DMX or DMX via Ethernet. If your current fixtures are DMX, controlled, our converter will communicate with it.

Purchasing Options
DMX Talker
DMX Talker
64 channels. Poly-carbonate/ABS enclosure.
DMX Talker
2000 channels. Poly-carbonate/ABS enclosure.
Shipping and handling costs may apply.
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