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Downtown Kansas City, MO, is located at the intersection of Interstate 35 and Interstate 70. There are several landmark buildings that you see when you are entering the downtown portion of this city. When you are heading north on Interstate 35 and just entering downtown you see very clearly the Argus Building. The owners of the Argus Building wanted lighting that would be dynamic, attract attention and can have lighting effects that are based on the time of year.

Argus Building in Downtown Kansas City, MO

Animated Lighting presented a design that employed Qty. 100 of the Pixel 360 strings, two of our Monster Brain Animation Controllers and Qty. 4 of our 2000-channel Pixel Drivers.


These strings are unique in that each bulb in the string has a Red, Green and Blue (RGB) LED that allows each bulb to be any of over 16 million colors. Each bulb (“pixel”) on each string can be controlled on an individual basis. Lastly since each bulb/pixel is round each pixel has a 360 degree viewing angle. Here is a picture of these Pixel 360 Strings:

Pixel 360

The standard Pixel 360 string has Qty. 21 pixels which represents Qty. 63 lighting channels per string. Qty. 100 Pixel 360 strings on the Argus Building represents Qty. 2100 pixels and Qty. 6300 lighting channels! With this large number of lighting channels the possible lighting effects are quite substantial and dramatic.


The light strings are connected to Qty. 4 Pixel Drivers located on the roof of the Argus Building. Since the Qty. 100 Pixel 360 strings are positioned all around the building (plus there are Qty. 6300 lighting channels in this display), this installation requires the use of these controllers. Each Pixel Driver supports up to Qty. 2000 lighting channels. They are networked via Category 5 computer cable.

Pixel Driver


This is the “CPU” that plays the lighting shows and also the songs (if the lighting is synchronized to music). The lighting shows (and when desired, also the songs) are stored on a Secure Digital card and inserted into the Brain. The Brain will support up to Qty. 4000 lighting channels. With this installation (Qty. 6300 lighting channels) Qty. 2 Brains are employed to control the strings. One of the Monster Brains is the “Master” and the other Brain is the “Slave”. The Brain can be controlled remotely if a network connection is available.

Monster Brain Animation Processor


Here is the video that shows the initial (Christmas) show for the Argus Building.

We have since added a lighting show for Valentine’s Day (employing White, Pink, Red and Purple in various lighting effects) and also for St. Patrick’s Day (employing White, Green and Orange). We are also providing a Patriotic Show (Red, White and Blue) a Spring/Summer show (a variety of pastel colors including Pink, Purple, Green, Yellow, etc.) and Halloween (Purple, Orange, Green, Yellow, Red and White).

We can work with any Contractor that wants to partner with Animated Lighting on a lighting project for one of their customers. We can work with any Building Owner to provide the necessary products, programming and services to do a year-round, dynamic lighting show for their building.

Any message, any location, any time of year! Contact us for more information.


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