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Our Singing Pumpkins Get "Happy"

Our Haunted House in a Box package is extremely popular. Sales have grown dramatically with this package as the interest in an exciting and fun Halloween display has grown over the past few years. For those of you who are not familiar with this package, here is some introductory information:

Base Model: The Haunted House in a Box base package starts with the ability to control 16 lighting channels. You can animate just one object, a small group, or include an unlimited number of trees, bushes and other items with the Haunted House In A Box Expansion Controllers.

Not Just for Halloween: Your Haunted House in a Box can be used at other times of the year by purchasing Christmas, Party, or Patriotic Personalities. These Personalities include pre-programmed light shows synchronized to Christmas, party, or patriotic songs on SD cards like the one in your digital camera. Simply eject the Haunted House in a Box card and insert the new Personality card to re-purpose your Haunted House in a Box for other seasons.

Singing Pumpkin Faces

Singing Pumpkin Faces: One of the optional packages you can add to the Haunted House in a Box is our fun and very intriguing Singing Pumpkin Faces!

Our standard Singing Pumpkin Faces offering includes between one and four "Faces" (4×4 feet; ask about custom sizes). Each face includes eight lighting channels that enables each face to "sing" independently to the music. This standard package includes:

  • Haunted House in a Box
  • One (1), Two (2), Three (3) or Four (4) Singing Pumpkin Faces made with powder-coated steel and illuminated with orange LED light strings.
  • One (1) or Two (2) Expansion (16 channel, 15A capacity) light controllers. Each light controller is dedicated to two Faces. They work with the one light controller that is part of the HHIAB package (so you have three total light controllers working together). The faces sing and the lights on your display (floodlights, black lights, strobe lights and string lights) also dance to the music.
  • Ten (10) pre-programmed songs for the faces to "sing" (your choice from our library of shows/songs. Since each Face is controlled on an individual basis there is a different "lead" singer and "backup" singers on different songs.

You get approximately 30 minutes worth of shows/songs that the Faces "sing". During this 30 minutes the Faces AND the lights in your display all dance. (48 lighting channels – three light controllers – are in use.)

Music Choices: Halloween has evolved from just a one-night event to encompassing the entire month of October. The people that have elaborate Halloween displays run them starting the first weekend in October and then every night the week leading up to Halloween. In addition the music that is part of the display have evolved from just spooky sounds to fun music. Not only are fun Halloween songs like "Ghostbusters," "Thriller," and "This is Halloween" are used, but more party songs are added. You get your choice of up to 10 Singing Pumpkin shows/songs with your package purchase.

"Happy" (Pharrell Williams): A 2014 song that has become incredibly popular is the song "Happy" by Pharrell Williams. Since its introduction, there have been hundreds of millions of views on YouTube and the song is used on numerous TV shows and commercials. Because this is so popular and many of our customers want a "fun" Halloween show, we couldn’t resist and programmed our Faces to sing this "Happy" song:

Want more information on the Haunted House in a Box plus Pumpkin Faces? We are happy to answer any questions and provide pricing options. In the off season (January – June), prices are discounted so you might want to contact us. Please don’t hesitate to email us at or call us 816-941-0400.


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