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New 3D RGB Mini Stars Deliver Big Impact

Our Stars and Snowflakes have been a very popular member of our Just Add Power family of products. They are fun to put on houses and commercial buildings (parking garages, entrances to buildings, etc). They will work with our Christmas In a Box package and dance to the songs that you have in your show.

Our 3D Star has been very popular as it is unique in its design. Here is an informal picture of this star stored in one of our warehouses (no lights attached). When we first introduced this product several years ago we attached standard LED light strings to this (one or two colors) and this star would have either Qty. 6 or Qty. 12 lighting channels.

3D Animated Star from Animated Lighting

This product has been popular when illuminated with standard LED light strings but it became tremendously popular with the introduction of our Vivid RGB Lighting RGB Pixel strings.

We illuminate this same frame now with Qty. 10 Pixy RGB Pixel strings. To review, each string has Qty. 21 bulbs (“pixels”) and each bulb on each string can be controlled on an individual basis. In addition each pixel on the string has a Red, Green and Blue (RGB) LED inside it so each pixel can be any color of the rainbow. This represents Qty. 3 lighting channels (Red, Green and Blue) per pixel.

So with Qty. 21 pixels per string and three lighting channels per pixel there are Qty. 63 lighting channels per string. With Qty. 10 strings there are Qty. 630 lighting channels per 5’ 3D RGB Star.

Here is the video showing our 5’ 3D RGB Star in its glory. We think this is REALLY impressive:

This has been an extremely popular product for commercial customers as they wanted larger stars on their buildings. But it is expensive to ship and frankly it was out of the price range of many of our residential customers.

We then decided to make a smaller (3’) 3D Star. It is less expensive to ship (and less expensive for our customers) but it is still illuminated with the same RGB Pixel strings as the 5’ Star. We named this our “Mini 3D RGB Star”.

Here is the Mini 3D RGB Star posing for its picture:

Mini 3D RGB Star from Animated Lighting

There are Qty. 315 lighting channels on this Star.

We also think that folks will want to order multiple Mini Stars and have them dance as a group (or maybe a “constellation” if you order enough). To demonstrate this we have introduced a new “Mini 3D Star” video:

We are excited to have this new product as part of our RGB Just Add Power family of products.

We are just introducing this product to our website and to you with this Blog. It will be in the Just Add Power section of our website under “Animated Stars and Snowflakes”.

If you have any interest and you want more details (including pricing) please contact us. We will be happy to provide you with more details.


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