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Christmas in a Box

Christmas in a Box enables you to turn ordinary light hangings on vertical structures such as Christmas trees, evergreens, large tree trunks, or the columns of a home or building into a highly entertaining lighting-and-music show with no programming required. You can also use the Christmas in a Box to drive the effects across our large family of Just Add Power products.

Easily expandable, you can re-purpose the controllers for use at Halloween, Fourth of July, or any time of year by simply changing an SD card. You can pick from a variety of tunes and even add speakers or an FM transmitter to broadcast tunes to car radios.


Christmas in a Box Options

All In One Model

Our base Christmas in a Box models provide a high level of customization with your choice of channels, music, and the ability to add broadcast abilities. Don't have the time? Consider our Christmas in a Box — All In One! This option bundles our latest generation Monster Brain, 16 channel light controller, FM transmitter, ten songs, and a handy setup guide. It doesn't get any easier than this!

Junior Model

Sixteen lighting channels might be setting too many Christmas lights to music for some. Don't worry. We have the Christmas In A Box Junior with only four channels in a Christmas light controller. It's perfect for the simple displays and is a great way to get started with an animated Christmas lighting display at an affordable price.

The Junior model includes the following song selections:

Christmas in a Box Junior  •  Song Selection
Rudolph Jingle Bells Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas
Carol of the Bells Yuletide Overture Deck the Halls
Caroling, Caroling My Favorite Things Nutcracker Suite
We Wish You a Merry Christmas Christmas Time Let it Snow
Linus & Lucy O Christmas Tree Sleigh Ride


Whatever option you choose, it's all plug and play with our Christmas light controllers. No programming required! People will love your blinking Christmas lights!

Typical One Controller Layout

Typical One Controller Layout

Multi-Controller Layout

Multi-Controller Layout

FM Radio Layout

FM Radio Layout

Wireless Layout

Wirelss Layout

We make it easy: Detailed instructions show you how to hang lights on your trees and columns in light "zones" to get the best animated lighting effect.

Deliver synchronized holiday music with your light effects: The Christmas In A Box with Music Synchronization is a separate product offering that delivers the same great light shows in synch with several classic holiday songs. You can output the music to speakers or use the Animated Lighting FM Transmitter to broadcast the tunes to car radios as they drive by!

Create your own custom music synchronized shows: Click here for details.

Use mini-lights, C7, C9, or LED light sets: No special light sets are required. In fact, the Christmas In A Box uses standard mini-lights, C7, C9, LED, and rope lights you've used in recent years or that are available at any discount, department, or hardware store.

Include your own lighted tree toppers, lawn figurines, or other fixtures: Not just lights, the Christmas In A Box also includes open "channels" for connecting stars, deer, Santas, snowmen, and other lawn-oriented lights.

Decorate one tree or column or include several in your show: A single Christmas In A Box is capable of delivering its light show across several conical objects depending on their size. If you reach the light limit on your first controller, no problem! The Christmas In A Box Expansion Controllers easily connect to your main controller to handle a virtually unlimited number of trees or columns.

DMX: Your Christmas In A Box can also connect to our DMX Controller and then to various intelligent DMX lights, snow and fog machines.

Purchasing Options
Christmas in a Box — All in One
16 channels, 15 amps
(Part No. CIAB-AIO)
16 channels, 30 amps
(Part No. CIAB-AIO)
Expansion, 16 additional channels, 15 amps
(Part No. CIAB-AIO-EXP15)
Expansion, 16 additional channels, 30 amps
(Part No. CIAB-AIO-EXP30)
Christmas in a Box — Junior
Christmas In A Box Base Junior
(Part No. TCK-4-M)
4 channels (8 amps/channel, 15 amps total load)
Includes 15 synchronized tunes
Christmas In A Box Base Junior
(Part No. TCK-4-HalloweenExpansion)
Halloween Expansion Kit
Includes 10 synchronized shows/songs
Christmas in a Box — Base
Christmas In A Box Base
(Part No. TCK-M-15)
16 channels (8 amps/channel, 15 amps total load)
Choose your music below
Christmas In A Box Base
(Part No. TCK-M-30)
16 channels (8 amps/channel, 30 amps total load)
Choose your music below
Choose your music.
(Learn how)
16 Channel Base Model Expansion
Christmas In A Box Expansion
(Part No. TCK-ELD-16-15)
16 channels (8 amps/channel, 15 amps total load)
Christmas In A Box Expansion
(Part No. TCK-ELD-16-30)
16 channels (8 amps/channel, 30 amps total load)
Other Accessories
FM Transmitter
(Part No. AFMXTR)
Broadcast music from your display directly to car radios on an FM station.

More Videos
Mega Tree

Many of our customers have taken a flagpole or telephone pole and run 4 different colors of LED strings around the tree (Red, Green, Blue, White). This is quite easy to have as part of your lights and music display with our Christmas-in-a-Box.

Light Poles

We have had creative customers use their 16 lighting channels on all sorts of items. This is one where a customer wrapped light poles with different colors of LED strings. We thought this creativity was something you might want to see...

Moses Tunnel

Some customers want a less expensive way to do a "tunnel" when folks drive through their display. TK Lighting strung a cable on each side of the road and hung down LED light strings. It looks pretty cool when you drive through this as part of their light park.

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