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Animated Arches

Are you looking for an exciting and unique component for your light display? Do you have an existing arch that only blinks and is in need of some excitement? You've come to the right place!

We have four products that you might consider:

  • Leaping Arches. (See more.)
  • Snowflake Arches
  • Mega Arches
  • Music Arches

These totally unique, Plug & Play product packages includes both the arches and the Christmas Kit with Music Synchronization. With either product we have done all the programming for you. All you have to do is set it up, plug it in, sit back and enjoy the people watching what you have created. Impress your neighbors and/or bring a unique spotlight on your business!

Animated Arches are built with powder-coated steel and illuminated with LED lighting!

Snowflake Arches

Although we can build an arch to any size you desire, they are typically built in two sizes:

  • Smaller Arches: Typically 12' to 14' tall in the center and designed for your visitors to walk under. We alternate the number of snowflakes on each arch (Qty. 4 on first arch, Qty. 5 on second arch) plus illuminate the vertical sections of each arch. These arches are quite popular for entrances to high-end residential and commercial displays.
  • Larger Arches: Built so that cars and buses can drive under, these are typically built with Qty. 6 snowflakes on the first arch and Qty. 7 snowflakes on the second arch. We also illuminate the vertical sections on each arch. These arches are quite popular for drive-through displays.

We have many pre-programmed shows/songs available for either size of Snowflake Arches. See the ordering options for more information, call us at 816-941-0400, or e-mail us at if you want more specific information.

Snowflake Arches

Mega Arches

We can custom design and build arches of any size and theme. We have built Reindeer Arches, Flower Arches, and even Music Arches (detailed on this page). Further down on this page you will see Qty. 10 arches we built for an amusement park over a bridge. These arches are illuminated with multiple colors of LED strings and dance to a pre-programmed lighting show. Call us with your vision and we will be happy to design an arch to meet your design and budgetary needs.

Call us at 816-941-0400 or e-mail us at if you want more specific information.

Mega Arches

Music Arches

We have done multiple custom designs on these arches. Several customers have asked for "Music Arches". In addition to stars and snowflakes they wanted music notes on the arches. They wanted the musical notes to be of different sizes and colors. Lastly they wanted the items on the arches to be synchronized to music. You get all this with the Music Arches.

Call us at 816-941-0400 or e-mail us at if you want more specific information.

Music Arches

Purchasing Options
Animated Arches
Because Animated Arches are used in a wide variety of displays with specific requirements, they are typically built to each project's specifications. Please contact us to discuss the details of your display and for ordering options.

Animated Arches 2021 - Lawrence, KS

A drive-thru light tunnel built with our Animated Arches.

Animated Arches 2021 - Cedar Hill Farm, Hernando MS

A 150' RGB light tunnel made using our Animated Arches.

Ray H. - Arches & Leaping Arches

Ray H. put together a very cool display including Animated Arches over his driveway, Animated Leaping Arches in his yard, plus an RGB String Pole Tree. Very cool!

Animated Leaping Arches

Our Animated Leaping Arches. (Poor sound quality, sorry!)

Animated Arches
Snowflake Arches
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