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Ring Trees

This product is illuminated with RGB Pixel strings. The product you see in the video and pictures on this page is illuminated with Qty. 12 RGB pixel strings (over Qty. 750 lighting channels). These strings are the ones we use on our other products (Stars, Snowflakes, Trees, etc). Each node/bulb on each string can be any color and can be controlled on an individual basis. Our strings are outdoor-rated so they can be used year-round.

The design is based on three vertical support "arms" that (we think) look cool. These support arms hold three rings that are illuminated on the inside AND outside of the rings with the RGB Pixel strings. This is designed so that the support arms are also illuminated and it shows off the cool design of the overall structure. The three rings are bolted on to the support arms in an artsy/fun way (see pictures and video). We provide a sturdy base that will support the arms and allow the base and the arms to be secured to the ground. In addition the Pixel String controller (that controls the strings) has a micro SD slot that can be changed based on the time of year and the colors of the lighting effects for that time of year.

Control Options

The RGB Pole/Tree Rings can be controlled on an individual basis or can be networked so that the lighting effects could be synchronized over multiple Pole/Tree Rings. In addition the lighting effects could be choreographed to music if desired.


The vertical support arms fit easily into the base. The rings are bolted on to the structure and can be opened so that you can position the rings around tree branches, etc. There are support holes on the base to allow it to be secured to the ground via stakes or even something as simple as sand bags.

Ring Trees

Ring Trees

Purchasing Options
Ring Trees
RGB Tree Rings
Each RGB bulb individually controllable on each string. Three rings (equal diameters). Includes controller and programmed lighting effects (no music).
Shipping and handling costs will be added to purchase prices.

Animated Ring Trees

Qty. 3 of our Animated Ring Trees. (Poor sound quality, sorry!)

Ring Trees at Deanna Rose Farmstead
Ring Trees
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