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Lighting Chile Without Leaving the U.S.

We received an email from Esteban in Chile. He found Animated Lighting via Google, viewed our website and videos and thought that RGB Pixel lighting (in general) and our products (in particular) are amazing. He asked if we would be able to help him with a lighting project for his home in Chile.

We told him that the first thing we would need from him is a photo of his house. Here are a few of the pictures that he sent us of his home:

Esteban's home in Chile 1

Esteban's home in Chile 2

Esteban's home in Chile 3

We obtained the dimensions for the various parts of Esteban’s house and also his estimated budget. Once we had this we came up with some initial design ideas that we put on his house for his review and consideration. Here are the images we sent to Esteban:

Images sent to Esteban 1

Images sent to Esteban 2

Images sent to Esteban 3

Esteban liked the look of this but wanted to be sure that the end result (the shows) would justify the investment he was going to make. So we did a “Visualizer Video” to show how these effects would look like on his home. While intended to be a simulation, this shows via our software how the effects might look in reality:

Esteban was sold!! Now to figure out how to send him the assorted products and documentation to help him successfully install this at his home in Chile.

We took the pictures you saw above on his house and provided wiring diagrams. Here is an example of one of these wiring diagrams:

Wiring diagram for Esteban

In addition we took each item they would purchase (RGB Orbs, Tubes, Net Lights, etc) and labeled them. We also labeled each cable that would go from each lighting item back to the appropriate controller. YES, we also labeled each controller so they would know where this would be connected into their display. This took not only several pictures but also a video showing that everything in their light display worked before it shipped to Chile. Here is an example of one of the pictures we provided to Esteban:

Photo of lights and controller

You can see in the above picture several controllers that were used in the display with labeling on them. You see the connecting cables and some of the lighting items in the display illuminated.

We sent all this via PDF files as well as videos and the files via Dropbox.

HOW DID THIS TURN OUT? Pretty amazing. Check out this video yourself:

These are steps we can do for you depending on the size of the display and when we get this information. Contact us for more information.


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