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Jensen Residence (Los Angeles)

Dave Jensen of Los Angeles, CA, has been working on his Christmas display for the past several years. During the holiday season Dave wanted to take his display to the next level utilizing Animated Lighting's technology and products to help him win a local decorating contest.

The following is a timeline of the project, detailing how Dave worked with Animated Lighting to help put his display over the top.


Dave sent us an email and completed our Project Questionnaire. Among the items listed in his Questionnaire:

  1. Background: I have put on a large display for the last 4-6 years. Last year I took 2nd place in northern Los Angeles. I figure this year will be very competitive, and I’m going after 1st place.
  2. His Display: The house and surroundings are decorated fairly intensely. I have several different themes incorporated into the yard:
    1. 24-ft 1-dimensional tree
    2. Ice skating pond
    3. Carousel about 1/3 scale of a real one
    4. Candy cane lane
    5. Sleigh and reindeers
    6. Ginger bread house area
  3. Services Requested: Whatever it will take to dim the house and landscape background and highlight 3-5 separate areas 1 at a time and sync to music. I would like to have your company sync the music to my layout and program the lights. I have 2 controllers and a Monster Brain I bought from you 2 years ago, but have yet to make them work. I am a great designer and builder but lack the tech to program.
  4. Dave also sent us a digital photo of his 2004 display.

July and August

We provided him a quotation for hardware and programming services. Dave decided to use a combination of our existing Christmas Kit holiday songs and custom music to be used with his carousel. Dave approved the project based on his ability to utilize our custom programming.

Dave Jensen in Los Angeles

Late September and October

Hardware and completed software shipped to Dave.


Hardware installed by Dave. Show turned on and Dave's response (quoted from an email) was, "The show is incredible."


The local holiday lighting contest was held. Dave won first place and received the first ever perfect score. Here is a quote from the article: "Perfection, it's elusive. It's just the right stoke: not too much, not too little, not overdone, not underdone. It can take creativity, originality, the ability to do something and different: bold, balanced and effective. Dave Jensen has achieved it."

Jensen Residence
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