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Wornall Street Bridge

The Country Club Plaza in Kansas City, MO is described as an "outdoor museum" of romantic Spanish architecture and European art where people actually live and work every day amidst its beauty.

The Plaza attracts people year-round with everything from outdoor concerts, a fine art fair, lively happy hours and the world-famous holiday display of lights.

Animated Lighting was tasked with designing a year-round LED lighting display that would be "exciting yet elegant" but also provide lighting appropriate to the event or time of year.

The Wornall Street bridge was selected as the venue for this lighting display.

Wornall Bridge in Kansas City

The final installation included LED flood light fixtures providing architectural lighting on both sides of the bridge plus LED lighting strings spanning both the east and west sides of the bridge. All fixtures operate independently as well as each bulb on the LED light strings. All lights are DMX based with over 1,200 individual channels spread over six universes. The LED fixtures have a useful life of up to 100,000 hours, consume less than 15 amps total (for all fixtures and controllers) and can be illuminated in over 16 million colors.

The Animated Lighting LSIAB solution included the Monster Brain animation controller and multiple DMX controllers. The control boxes are mounted on each corner of the bridge.

The various lighting "shows" are stored on Secure Digital (SD) cards. Valentine’s Day (red and white), St. Patrick’s Day (green and white) , Spring (various shades and combinations of pastel colors), Patriotic Holidays (red, white and blue), Halloween (purple and orange) and Christmas (red, white and green) are already available. All the customer needs to fire up a new show is to insert the appropriate SD card into the Monster Brain.

Wornall Bridge
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